Quality control

During the final testing and during the production phases, the Metrology department of CMMossini performs the following controls:

  • Precision dimensional measurement +/- 0.01mm up to 750mm
  • Precision dimensional measurement +/- 0.2mm up to 1600mm
  • Precision dimensional measurements for diameters +/- 0.02 using of over 1400 go/no go gauges pin
  • Thread dimensional controls with threaded rings gouges, and threaded plug gouges go/no go
  • Measurements of thickness on coating surfaces
  • Adhesion controls on coating surfaces
  • Color and gloss measurement for painting
  • Torque measurements on tightening screws
  • Corrosion tests using the salt spray chamber for materials and coatings test.
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • Rockwell hardness surface measurements
  • Visual inspection of welded joints with qualified operator level II according to UNI EN ISO 9712.

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