Energy and Environment

Respect for the environment has always been a primary goal for CMMossini.

Pursuing this philosophy, CMMossini has realized two photovoltaic systems fully integrated into existing buildings. The total capacity of 120 KW per hour, allows full energy autonomy of the company.


The latest technologies applied to the machine tool industry, has led to significant energy savings, achieved thanks to the installation of the new lines of punching, manual bending and robotized bending fully electric powered. These lines are characterized by low power consumption during operation, ensuring the minimal power consumption also during the stand-by and tooling operations.

The production lines of punching , laser cutting and bending, have production management systems in unattended shift. All production lines ensure a high reliability, and are able autonomously to do the shutdown phases at the end of production, thus obtaining an essential and tailored power consumption.

The CMMossini production departments and the offices are equipped with lighting with low-power LED technology